TaxonDroid is a handheld taxonomical guide for identification of freshwater invertebrates running on Android OS. The application is based on the book entitled Freshwater Invertebrates in Central Europe by György Kriska, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and developed by Pál Barta, Estrato Ltd, Budapest.

The hierarchical (tree) structure of its database allows for quick and easy identification of the observed taxon in the field by answering a few questions relating morphology (phenotype). The step-by-step approaching path from general attributes as far as the target species is reached can be traced back and is modifiable at any point.


● Over 50 freshwater macro-invertebrate animal taxa can be identified

● Over 200 full colour digital images and drawings can be viewed

● Where applicable, short video recordings illustrate the behaviour of animals

● Target taxa are reachable in 2–11 identification steps

● Short descriptions are available at each step to allow for further branching

● The selection path history is retraceable and at any point can be started a new path

● Compatible with Android from version 2.1


To install the application package, the manual installation procedure for third party applications should be used. For detailed instructions consult


On the target device go to Settings/Applications menu and check the Unknown sources setting. Download the appropriate language package (e.g. TaxonDroid_FreshwaterMacroinvertebrates_en.apk for English language database) from or directly to your device.

Package Installation

After the download completes, click on the application name (e.g. TaxonDroid_FreshwaterMacroinvertebrates_en.apk) in the notification area and follow the onscreen instructions. The application package is installed and its icon appears in the applications launcher.

System Requirements

  • Android 2.1+

TaxonDroid Download