The software system of the assembly workstation performs statistics and analytics on the process and the failures. The assembly process can be started or stopped automatically from the user interface. The following assembly processes can be performed:

  • assembly of parts
  • component dosing
  • insertion of metal and plastic parts
  • integrity test
  • optical camera inspection

The installation process is controlled by operation control software, which meets the following requirements via a graphical interface:

  • product selection: the device is able to store the assembly process of multiple products and provides a graphical interface for choosing between the processes
  • setting up the product assembly process: the device is able to learn the positions of each assembly point and the order of the assembly points by moving the assembly heads by hand
  • emergency stop button: there is an easily accessible emergency stop button on the user interface, which can be used to quickly interrupt the assembly operation in the event of a malfunction
  • visual documentation: at the end of each assembly process, the device takes a photograph of the specific assembly condition, which is stored in a separate database entry for each completed product. This makes troubleshooting a photo product faster by checking photos.
  • optical fault detection: optical fault detection based on self-learning algorithm with associated software and camera
  • assembly process logging: In addition to the visual documentation, the tool logs every well or incorrectly completed assembly step with an exact time, which is also stored in a separate database entry for each finished product

Technical parameters:

  • Power supply: 230V AC, 3-6 A
  • Operating temperature: 10-45 ° C
  • Space requirement: 1800x800x2000 mm (length x width x height)
  • Noise level: <100 dB
  • Control: industrial PC, integrated industrial PC
  • Interface: graphical user interface Graphical
  • Mounting head movement: X-Y-Z linear positioning
  • Positioning accuracy: <+ – 0.05mm
  • Number of interchangeable screwdriver bits: 5-20
  • Screw dosing type: manual / vibrating dosing
  • Logging: data recording
  • Database: MySQL database