Manual Polarimeter

Light polarization is everywhere although it is invisible to the human eye. In nature almost every light is polarized and its properties are used by several animal species. The polarization patterns of the sky is used by honey bees, desert ants, some birds, and according to a current theory by Vikings as well for navigation and orientation. Polarization properties of reflected light from water surfaces are used by many water related insect species. Polarization properties of light reflected from cattle skins are used by tabanids. Light polarization caused by reflections on artificial surfaces can trap insects.

With our calibrated manual polarimeters the polarization properties of our environment can be measured and evaluated.

User Manual

Our current manual polarimeter is based on a Canon EOS 650D (Rebel T4i; Kiss X6i) camera, the user manual of which can be downloaded from here in different languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Svenska, magyar.

A short tutorial of making a polarimetric measurement can be downloaded from here.

The polarization measurements can be evaluated with our AlgoNet software.