About Estrato

Welcome to the web site of Estrato R&D Ltd. Estrato Research and Development Ltd. is an innovative company that has several years of experience in designing and constructing highly innovative instruments for industries, medical and meteorological institutes. Estrato Ltd. was founded in 2004 in Budapest, Hungary for utilizing the results


AlgoNet is a visual algorithmic image processing software. It consists of modules and connections between them. Modules typically perform simple tasks, such as cropping of an image, or multiplying two numbers.

AlgoNet PRO

Production scraps are generated on the one hand due to the wear and tear of production equipment and on the other hand due to accidental, mainly human errors .

Cloud Detectors

Our patented cloud detectors are based on wide field-of-view imaging polarimetry. The polarization patterns help our algorithms to detect cloudiness with higher accuracy and higher reliability compared to other cloud detectors. Polarimetry also help us estimate cloud-base height distribution on the visible sky dome.

Manual Polarimeter

Light polarization is everywhere although it is invisible to the human eye. In nature almost every light is polarized and its properties are used by several animal species.  The polarization patterns of the sky is used by honey bees, desert ants, some birds, and according to a current theory by Vikings as well for navigation and orientation. Polarization properties of reflected light from water surfaces are used by many water related insect species. Polarization properties of light reflected from cattle skins are used by tabanids. Light polarization caused by reflections on artificial surfaces can trap insects.